Current support options during this stage of the pandemic

My racial justice volunteering and organizing work amped up 10 times or more from what it was before the pandemic, so I don't have as much time and energy for Spark Joy work anymore (or for driving places).

That said, I like to assist friends and family in sparking joy to their living spaces/lives and it is hard for me to say no.

As a compromise, I am going to try to assist as much as possible remotely. That is my preference due to the driving time that I don't have in my day. We can discuss options for how that could work for you.

If that is not an option for you, maybe I could make time to go to your home once (a month).

My rates are now:
$20/hr prorated to the nearest 1/4 hr for remote support
$40-80/hr (based on ability) for in-person support, minimum 2 hour visit (max once/month)

I have been redistributing all of my income since the start of the pandemic, with a focus on supporting folks with food insecurity. I will continue (for maybe the rest of this year?) to do that with any Spark Joy remote income...and plan to contribute at least 50% of in-person income. If you would like to suggest people/organizations that need funds for food needs, I welcome hearing about them and maybe adding them to my list of people/places I contribute to.

I am fully vaccinated, and I still wear masks in public indoor spaces, and have kept up the habit of minimizing public exposure/socializing. At this point, everyone in my circles has been vaccinated too.

Photo: © 2020 Philip Bosinoff, all rights reserved.