Remote Support Available Instead of In-Home Support During the Pandemic

Since I wrote below (In Home Support on June 8), I have decided I feel too uncomfortable working inside with clients while the pandemic is still with us. It is too difficult to keep a safe distance and masked while doing physical work, etc. and I feel it isn't a needed risk. I am sorry about the inconvenience for you. 

If you want, I can help you remotely with suggestions and encouragement: $30/hr. 

If you have a way for me to work with you outside your home, we can discuss those arrangements and options. 

(posted July 6, 2020)

In Home Support (June 8):

It appears that I am allowed to open my Spark Joy business now in Phase 2: my home organizing business is considered an "in house service."

Let's use these procedures for now:

Schedule appointments 2 weeks or more apart; 2 - 3 hour duration.

Reschedule appointments (with as much notice as possible) if you experience C-19 symptoms (headache, fever, coughing).

Properly clean commonly used surfaces in your home before I arrive, ie. bathroom and doorknobs.

We all hand wash (or use hand sanitizer if only option) before seeing each other, and frequently while together. (I will bring my own hand sanitizer, you don't need to provide it for me.) 

We both wear a face mask if we need to be closer than 6 feet apart.

There is good airflow with fans, open windows, or AC. 

No physical contact; including hugging (sadly).

You can clean the surfaces I touched in your home after I leave, ie. bathroom and doorknobs.

If this works for you, please contact me to make your first appointment. 
Please tell me you have read this and you can accommodate these procedures.

If you have suggestions for changes to the procedures above, or you could not accommodate any of them, let's discuss. 

Thanks for your patience during this pandemic and always! 

I appreciate you,

Photo: © 2020 Philip Bosinoff, all rights reserved.