Remote Support to Continue to Spark Joy due to C-19 Challenges

I have come to the conclusion it isn't safe for me to meet one-on-one with clients due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak. It isn't worth the risk of any of us getting really sick or worse, or spreading it. I can still continue to help you from a distance if you are committed to continue to make your living space more joyful for you. 

Options of what I can do remotely with you:

1. Regular check-ins at the rate you want over email, text, and/or phone. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? you decide. Just let me know.

2. Accountability. Do you want some? Tell me your goal or ask for my suggestion and we will do that. See #1.

3. Visual support. I can see your space, for your questions you want guidance on, visually in various ways, such as these: text/email me picture(s) or a video phone call using WhatsAp, Google Duo, and Facetime.

4. Guidance. I can give you suggestions and problem-solve like I do in person.

5. Congratulations and celebrations. I can continue to do this remotely. I think we all need this to continue to persevere. And remember you can support yourself as needed with kind encouraging words as if I were there with you.
(see my personal example about doing dishes: Currently I am in my 3rd week of doing daily dishes! )

Things I can't do for you remotely...along with the added benefit of this:

A. Fold and put away your clothes with you, put books on shelves, open mail and sort papers for recycling, empty shelves, drawers and containers during sorting process, and bring you things to sort. This will help you learn the skills better yourself so you will be able to maintain it. 

B. Fill your bags and boxes for recycling, donating, or consigning, and help you get the things out of the house after sorting. You will learn you can do all steps by yourself and feel the success while living in a less cluttered space.


Your rate (prorated for time I spend with you to the nearest 1/4 hour) can be reduced to meet any financial challenges you might have at this time. If you need to reduce it, let me know. I am donating all my proceeds until further notice to those asking for help on