Clearing Space First

When you have lots of stuff that is not getting put away (ie. clothes) it probably means you don't have easy-to-access storage areas that work for you. I can make suggestions for what to repurpose for your better use. You can let me know what you do or don't like about my ideas. Together we can come to a solution that you like.

For example, for a new client in the Boston area recently, a dresser that had become "junk drawers" and a tall shelving cabinet with doors (full of books) were cleared out for her clothes. She loves this new wardrobe. Working towards making a porch (currently a storage area) a library for her many treasured books instead is another motivational goal.

I am glad I can see possibilities that help my clients. It is easier to get distance when the space isn't your own.

After you put away your things in your newly cleared spaces, you can make top surfaces be happy spaces that hold special meaning for you, bringing you more joy than what you were "living" with before.

Dee cleaned off her dresser top alone after our first Spark Joy session together and made arrangements of her treasures. The next time I worked with her, I asked why there was a plastic container with liquid on the dresser. Dee told me that was what she was using to water the plant. I pointed out that she could use a real pitcher instead, one she was using to hold pens and miscellany. Dee thought that was funny since she had never made the connection to use that pretty pitcher from her mom that way.

"I think that clarifies one of your strengths. You notice what out of habit people can't see themselves." - Dee