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Spark Joy Together: Sorting & Sharing our Stuff community event

If you are interested in this event happening again in the future, let me know. 

During this 5-part event, participants come together to get support, motivation, and encouragement. We bring possessions from our homes (what you can carry in one load, ie. 2 bags). With support, we select and make decisions about what to keep or not, based on what sparks joy for us now, not based on past experiences or future desires.

While sorting, we see and hold again what we own, possibly finding and appreciating our things on a different level than previously. We might start to learn more about ourselves if we notice trends in what we choose to keep. It is a gift is to discover what sparks joy for us NOW, and let go of what does not, so someone else can benefit from our things that are no longer beneficial to us, and so we don’t continue to fill our homes with items that don’t benefit us. This is a practice. It gets easier to do as we progress!

* For each event, bring one item that you really appreci…