Spark Joy Together, testimonials

- I was so excited to find some money (in the form of savings bonds) while sorting through old cards. Feeling positive and inspired to sort through my mountain of photos. Thank you! Aimee D.
- Mementos - it's amazing what we keep and then look at years later covered in dust and say, "It's time to go!" Fun to remember and then say good-bye...feels good! It can also bring up feelings and remembrances which is all part of it. It's been SO helpful to be accountable and a great group to be with. Thanks SO much!  Kate S.

comments from Spark Joy Together event on 7/13 (Mementos)
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photo of us with a favorite item we brought, or got in the Swap

For years, I have been helping others to simplify and organize to find more joy in their homes and possessions (and doing it in my own home too).

I wanted to share this joy with others so I offered it to folks at Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts at 317 N. Main St., Natick, MA, in a community event.
2nd Saturday of March-July from 3-5 pm

Participants came together to get support, motivation, and encouragement. We brought some possessions from our homes. With support, we selected and made decisions about what to keep or not, based on what sparks joy for us NOW, not based on past experiences or future desires. What we didn't want to keep, we offered to others in a "swap."

For each event, we also brought one (or more) item that we really appreciate having, that we do NOT want to part with. We started by sharing with the group why our special item is special to us. This was a way to get to know each other and ourselves better.

Themes and testimonials:

1. Clothes Sort and Swap, 3/9
A wonderful group - led very well - we could learn, laugh and share.  Kathy B., Natick
Nice group - good intro to concepts. Really enJOYed letting go!  Kate S., Framingham
- Excellent! Very fun and informative. Encouraging and non-judgmental atmosphere.  Aimee D., Natick

2. Books Sort and Swap, 4/13
Aimee alone was able to join me (from the 4 who had preregistered for this one). We chose to meet outside on such a gorgeous spring day, meeting on a bench on the Natick Common. This sparked joy for us. We had a relaxed talk about our experiences sorting during the last month and discussed plans for the next month. And each of us found books that sparked joy for us from the other's bags that we brought to pass on.

- Great discussion about books and paper. Paper will be a challenge for me. Today I learned to consider what paper sparks joy (decorative/collage) and how to tackle less inspiring papers. Thanks!  Aimee D.
I was not here, but sorted and have given one box of books and two ready to go!  Kate S.

3. Paper Sort and Swap, 5/11
- Great fun to see all the great collage stuff. Doing this with one another makes it so pleasant as we can share stories, successes, challenges as we continue to purge.  Kate S.
- Lots of paper sorting got done today - yay! It really helps to hold one thing at a time to see if it sparks joy.  Aimee D.

4. Miscellany Sort and Swap, 6/8
- Misc. was difficult as my whole house is MISC! But I did jewelry and felt good about giving what I gathered away. Interesting process as it has sparked a clean out energy that is really great.  Kate S.
- Miscellaneous is a huge category! It is inspiring to sort and discuss strategy at this stage.  Aimee D.
- Fun group!  Kathy B.

5. Mementos Sort and Swap, 7/13
Comments from the participants for this date are at the top of this page.

Another clothes testimonial:

Debra helped me revisit my clothes this past Saturday. We started by putting all my clothes on the bed. Then she asked me to show her my favorite thing, and explain why it was my favorite. She then said "that's what we're going for, that feeling." I picked up everything, deciding what to keep and what could go. If I debated, she said I should keep it, as it may become clear later. It wasn't too painful!

Then came the folding. It was meditative...folding, "hand ironing," putting energy into the clothes. Today, after doing laundry, as I "hand ironed" and folded, I first thought "well this is taking longer," but then I felt love and appreciation for my clothes. I felt connected to them beyond what they provide.

During the process, I most appreciated discovering what a great collection of socks I have, and I really like having them displayed in a box where I can easily see what I have. Over all, I've been given an intentionality around my clothes that is refreshing.

Carol G., Brockton, 1/30/19