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Spark Joy Together: Sorting & Sharing our Stuff community events in Natick!, testimonials

- Great discussion about books and paper. Paper will be a challenge for me. Today I learned to consider what paper sparks joy (decorative/collage) and how to tackle less inspiring papers. Thanks! - Aimee D., Natick
A wonderful group - led very well - we could learn, laugh and share. - Kathy B., Natick
Nice group - good intro to concepts. Really enJOYed letting go! - Kate S., Framingham
- Excellent! Very fun and informative. Encouraging and non-judgmental atmosphere. - Aimee D., Natick
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Are you unhappy in your home due to too much "stuff"?
Do you not know where to start to simplify and organize?
Do you need motivation and encouragement?

For years, I have been helping others to simplify and organize to find more joy in their homes and possessions (and doing it in my own home too). While finding joy in our homes, we make more conscious dec…