Photographer Phil's office & clothes, testimonial

Deb helped me focus on the possessions I truly care about, instead of just the one's I thought I was saving for posterity. Turns out if you don't get joy from it, there isn't a whole lot of reason to save it. 

Deb has an uncanny ability by just listening to me and discussing how I feel about things when I pick them up, to help me realize their true value in my life. She seems to do this almost instinctively, clearly empathetically, and essentially instantly. 

Despite previously storing things "wherever", and thinking I knew where everything was kept, the new approach looks a whole lot better, and I can still find something when I need it. Mostly, my previous messy arrangement just wore on me in various subtle nagging ways at a somewhat subconscious level. Turns out a clean environment encourages better thinking and problem solving, and those are important parts of my life. 

Thank you, Deb!
- Phil

Phil is an amateur photographer ( and software development consultant. His office space was cluttered and not an easy space to work in, or to look at. Phil was afraid that when I helped him organize this space, things would "get lost" and be harder to find, not easier. He showed reluctance for quite a while.

Here is one section of Phil's office before I started to Spark Joy there:

This is the space after Spark Joy efforts: 

Now there is room to lay out pictures to dry during notecard production. Materials and photography gear can be found quickly, and can be put away easily.

Above is Phil's t-shirt drawer after I did the Spark Joy technique with all of his clothes. I surprised him by doing the sorting (and putting back) process for him, leaving questions until the end so he was in agreement with all that was kept and all that was donated. Two years later, he is still putting things away like I showed him! Impressive. As you can see, Life is Good t-shirts still bring him joy.