Sisterly Support in her Room, testimonial

I needed to get rid of a bunch of things, but could never find the time and motivation. Deb offered to help me using her "spark joy" approach. It took a while for it to work for me, because I didn't think in terms of "joy" from my possessions. She has patiently worked with me and helped me figure out what to do when I feel stuck. I appreciate how she suggests where she could help while waiting for me to say when I'm ready to deal with a particular area.
- Nancy

Helping my sister once a month with her bedroom/office in her shared apartment in Brighton gave me experience and practice using the Spark Joy technique with a particularly reluctant participant who had little time or energy to care for her living space.

During one stage, Nancy gave me a ratty old cardboard filing box, with years of tape history on it, to recycle or donate. Instead, I took it home and covered it in cloth and added new hanging files. With matching cloth, I also covered another box I planned to use to sort her notecard collection. Then I brought them back as a surprise the next month. Nancy was slow to use the file box to help with paper sorting (a particular challenge for her) but has used it more over time.

These are her notecards now, after I organized them for easy use:

When Nancy was ready for my help with her clothes, I was surprised to find she was able to quickly sort by what sparked joy...getting rid of many things, learning the folding and putting away technique (see below for finished results), and continuing to part with unwanted clothes after the initial sort. Great progress!