Practice Selection to Find Joy in Less, Not More

Are you unhappy in your home due to too much "stuff"?
Do you not know where to start to simplify and organize?
Do you need motivation and encouragement to get it done?

In planned blocks of time, I can work with you step by step, to help you go through your possessions in your home...selecting and making decisions about what to keep and what to give away, or trash...based on what sparks joy for you now...not based on past experiences or future desires.

When the sorting is done for each group (clothes, books, paper, mementos, etc.) then we organize and put away what you are keeping in such a way that things are easy to find, access, and return. It is so much more joyful to have less things so they can be found and put away quickly. (Usually, the storage space and containers you already have are the perfect size for what you decide to keep!)

It is exciting is to rediscover, while sorting, what sparks joy for you, and let go of what does not, so someone else can benefit from your things that are no longer beneficial to you.

This is a practice. It gets easier to do as you progress.

Here are my books in the process of being sorted in 2016:

Here are the books we decided to donate to the local library so others can use them:

Here are our finished book shelves after they became part of a Spark Joy project: