Bedroom & office for Ph.D student, M. Lupercia, testimonial

Deb is an enzyme. She is that enzyme that helps you to facilitate your transformation. Like you know you are on a journey to your higher self and you can’t see where you are going. And sometimes you just wanna give up. That is where I was when Deb offered to help me spark joy. At first I was like, sure – I am organizationally challenged, I could use help with cleaning my room, I mean whatever I was doing certainly wasn’t working.

So Deb walked me through her process. Clothes? Sure. I can’t fit or wear half of them. Some I didn’t even like but when you dress like me, people just want you to have stuff in hopes that you won’t hurt their eyes or evoke unwanted feelings. LOL. A lot was myself as well and trying to hold on to something.

Books we left for last. Because. Books.

Anyways, the thing that was most unique about Deb is that she saw my soul or she’s empathetic. So she really tries to channel your journey and helps you clear your path (pun intended).

Now we are at the tail end of my spark joy journey and I am sad. I am also excited to see what my higher self looks like!
- M. Lupercia

A sisterly friend, M. Lupercia, wanted some help with her bedroom/office in her shared apartment building in Somerville. In five days (so far) set aside to work on Spark Joy with Deb, we organized clothes, shoes, dissertation papers, books, office supplies, technology, mementos, and sci fi collectables. Recently I brought tools and materials from my home, and added two shelves to the bookshelf below, and others for her office supplies. Carpentry is fun and a useful skill to have!

Here is one finished area:

Highlight for the 6th day (final session):
Today I got her art materials organized and put out so she can use them. She painted after I left!